What We have Achieved

Special Initiatives - Disaster Relief

  • Asian American Initiative - Provided assistance to the people of Ormoc City, Leyte and Roxas City, IloIlo. 

  • Salesians of Don Bosco - In partnership with priests and seminarians throughout the Philippines provided essential support for communications and infrastructure in blackout areas to establish communications for relief effort. 

  • Cannosian Fathers - Provided building materials for 10 homes and community center for the people of Saledo, Eastern Samar in the Diocese of Borogan.

Reduce the Incidence of Human Trafficking

  • Missionaries of the Poor - Provided shelter to the displaced children and adults of Tacloban to provide safe haven, especially for the children who are at risk of human trafficking rings.

  • PREDA - Provided grants for finding orphans displaced by Typhoon Yolanda and rescue missions in Leyte and Manila where human trafficking rings were preying on innocent children in the wake of their tremendous loss.   Assistance included stipends for three social workers and university students to provide counseling and seminars in refugee camps to prevent and report human trafficking.

  • Laura Vicuna Foundation - Provided a grant for educational materials for girls sponsored by the Salesian Sisters of St. John Bosco who are in rehabilitation from trafficking in Manila.  


Protection of Traditional Family Structures and Values

  • Alliance for the Family (Philippines) - Subsidized Natural Family Planning training for nearly 288 couples and teachers.  Provided a culturally sensitive and medically effective family planning method in Cavite and Metro Manila that is currently being used by over 200 families at the poverty threshold level.

  • Human Life International (Philippines) - Sponsored leadership seminars for youth and adults who are working to strengthen family life in the Philippines, especially in rural areas. Provided OB/GYN medical equipment to doctors to reverse adverse conditions with contraceptive devices of unsuspecting mothers in rural areas.

  • Sister Verzosa Leadership Initiative - With Gawad Kaligna and Couples for Christ, sponsored educational outreach to Filipino Americans about the efforts in support of the human rights in the Philippines. 

Strengthen Health Care and Education

  • Asian American Initiative - Subsidized quality maternal healthcare in the poorest areas of the Philippines with 16 midwives in the war-torn Sulu region.