Enterprise Projects for the Families of Butig Island, Salcedo, Eastern Samar.

With 95% devastastion, Butig Island families are in dire need of hope since most of the population of nearly 400 people relied upon the vast agricultural resources of the coconut industries which will take 5 - 20 years to return.   Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan has left this rural, remote island with little sustainance but the resilience of their faith and their patience and gratitude is inspirational.  Bishop Varquez has listed this area as one of the most in need in hard hit Eastern Samar where the typhoon first made landfall.   They need our help initially to resume their hard work to provide for their families independently with their own vision for the future.    Will you please join us?

Mangrove Sustainable Development

There are nearly 50 families in need of an income source who have requested assistance with transitioning into the fishing industry.   In areas of Eastern Samar which may be overfished, mangroves provide a stable source of income where crustacean marine life dwell and fishing is plentiful.   The families can earn more than perhaps when they relied upon copra/coconut harvesting.   The Filipino Family Fund would like to contribute also to protecting Butig Island from the effects of storm surges when other natural disasters may risk the stablitiy of this peaceful haven.   Mangroves have been approved by the local municipality and while the initial costs are high, the maintenance is reasonable.