Protecting the Vulnerable

Natural disasters such as Super Typhoon Haiyan create breeding ground for human trafficking.  The Filipino Family Fund has proudly partnered with the PREDA Foundation (People's Recovery, Empowerment and Development Assistance) to provide protection of and counseling for 88 children who were orphaned by the storm.  We are also grateful for the support of the Philippine Humantarian Coalition to continue our work with a grant provided last year.   There's still more to do for these children to keep them from poverty and prepare them for the future they deserve after such tragic loss (many were left with nothing . . . clutching only to tree tops after witnesssing the lives of their family members taken from them by 20 foot surges or 180 mph winds.  )   

The PREDA Foundation, who has received three nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize, has been working tirelessly to try and create a new "normal" for those suffering. They provide allowances so that students can return to school and counseling services to deal with the trauma of loss and devastation. In addition, they host community gatherings that educate children and adults so that they can be safe from human traffickers and child abusers.